Bollinger Total Body Gravity Trainer review

Bollinger Total Body Gravity Trainer review black and yellow

About the Bollinger Total Body Gravity Trainer

Bollinger is another one of those suspension trainers that perhaps needs to be revisited for a few improvements. There is nothing completely wrong or completely right with this product.

What’s in the box

  • The Bollinger Total Body Gravity Suspension Trainer
  • Quick-adjust buckles
  • padded foam grips and foot cradles
  • Multi-position D-ring door anchor that can also be used on trees or posts
  • Workout DVD
  • Exercise poster
  • Door anchor
  • Carry bag.

Bollinger Total Body Gravity Trainer review

Out of the Box.

The quality of the Bollinger Total Body Gravity Trainer (yes that is the product name) is good and solid.

Although, the handles are made out of foam that may begin to show more wear with more use.

The foot cradles are strap material and will fit most shoe sizes.

The soft door anchor is simple, and has an appearance similar to the handle.

The quick adjust straps had a small amount of slip during prolonged workouts. A frustrating element is the overhang of the remaining strap when attaching a door anchor.

The Bollinger is only available in yellow which appears to be very similar to the original TRX.


  • Not too expensive
  • Strap quality is fine
  • Includes poster and carry bag


  • Quality of the foam in the handle
  • Metal buckle over the handle is cold to touch
  • We do not like their branding

Summary of the Bollinger Total Body Gravity Trainer

The Bollinger is not a re tagged product from overseas which is an element we really like. However we think Bollinger could be a great product if parts of the design were reconsidered.

The yellow color which appears to be selected to remind us of the original TRX does just that, and a little more. When reminded of the TRX highlighted the differences and these are considerable.

As it stands, there are better suspension trainers at that price point. If you have the money for a quality trainer we recommend a TRX. Otherwise, a WOSS suspension trainer is a better choice.