GoFit Gravity Strap Review – indoor only?


Our GoFit Gravity Strap review showed that it is very similar to the GoFit Gravity Bar, however, it is not a fixed setup.

What’s in the GoFit Gravity Strap box:

  • 2 GoFit Gravity Straps with Door Anchors
  • 2 Handles
  • 2 Ankle Cradles
  • Mesh Travel Bag
  • Training Manual

gofit gravity strap review of woman lunging at doorway with straps

The adjustment strap is excellent. Press the button proved easy to adjust the straps in either direction.

We really liked the colors of the handles. They feel solid and have quite a good grip.

The door attachments for the straps are actually separate. Since they do not pivot from one point this creates some more maneuverability but also a slightly different action for exercises. This is particularly noticeable for pectoral fly exercises.

We were a little bit let down by the ankle cradles. While having dedicated ankle cradles sounds fantastic it clutters up the handle area for quick workouts. Nobody likes switching around straps on full body workouts.

The big issue we had with this product is the absence of a strap for trees and poles. This really restricts your workouts to doorway only.

We should also mention. Some of the feedback for the some of the feedback on the GoFit Gravity Bar highlighted that GoFit Customer Service was not good in addressing issues with shipments arriving with missing parts. We have no reason to think that the service would be any different for the GoFit Gravity Strap.


  • Quick to Adjustment
  • Good Quality Straps
  • Good Price


  • Doorway only setup
  • Can’t be used with ceiling mounts

GoFit Gravity Strap Review Summary

We had high hopes for the GoFit Gravity Strap, however, it is severely crippled by the slim customization options. Even the possibility of switching between two anchors to a single anchor point was unable to be done.

This is a one-stop, doorway only solution for suspension training.

If you have read our other reviews, outdoor training is one of the best features of suspension training. If you know you are looking for an indoor solution This could be an option if you don’t have the money for the GoFit Gravity Bar. But considering the product includes a mesh carry bag, we are scratching our heads of the need of having a travel bag for an indoor only solution.

But really, denying yourself the possibility of an outdoor workout could prove troublesome.