Strength Training for Golfers

Strength training for golfers under a tree

Golfers are always seeking to improve their game by going to the driving range or taking lessons. Strength training for golfers is overlooked by most people at the amateur level even though it is one of the most important and necessary things to work on! The TRX not only helps balance for Golfers but can also improve aspects for other balance related sports such as skateboarding, skiing and more.

Without the proper foundation of strength to swing the club, how can anyone expect to drive a ball further when the body requires a high level of rotational strength.

The TRX can offer golfers the opportunity that most other golfing apparatus can not achieve, the chance to improve your health and your game with the one device. After the TRX arrived has been a notable trend for pro and amateur golfers selecting the TRX for training and injury prevention.

Building Rotational Strength

Golf relies on the rotation of your body to deliver strength and power from the ground, to your core, and most importantly, to the ball.

Training with a suspension trainer increases your stability in the lower spine and also optimizes mobility and power in your hips and upper spine. The result is a vast improvement to swing smoothly.

strength training for golfers guide
The TRX website has many great resources

In addition, TRX has recently released a free resource for golfers to improve their swing.
TRX outlines on this resource that with the TRX suspension trainer you can:

  1. Build rotational strength for a more effortless swing
  2. Increase your flexibility and mobility for a greater range of motion
  3. Improve your endurance to keep you strong until the last hole
  4. Learn to generate power from your core for a more consistent game.

What could be more perfect underneath your tree than our highest rated suspension trainer.