The Human Trainer Review

The Human Trainer is phenomenal suspension training system and one that really tries to offer something that the TRX does not.
Without a doubt, The Human Trainer is the most customizable suspension trainer on the market. Learn about the reasons why we rated this suspension trainer 5 stars in The Human Trainer Review.

It provides everything that is expected from a suspension trainer, but with some great ‘quick change’ options. You can also spend a little extra to get additional gear that can turn your suspension trainer into a pulley system and Olympic Ring system.

The biggest surprise when reviewing this product is the quality stitching and thick strap quality. But we will go more into that later.

What’s in The Human Trainer box

  • 2 x Main straps with Integrated Door Anchors
  • 2 x Short-Versatility Anchors with Integrated Door Anchors
  • 2 x Integrated Foot Cradle Handles
  • 1 x Detailed User Manual
  • 1 x Mesh Carry Bag
  • Circuit7 The Human Trainer DVD
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year Replacement Warranty

Out of the box

The Human Trainer is separated into two separate straps. Rather than having a single pivot point you are able to separate the straps to a wider distance. This can help reduce friction between your arms and the straps for pushups etc.

The real selling point for the human trainer is the strap system. The Human trainer has a buckle for finer adjustments – similar to the TRX. However, unlike the TRX it offers quick adjustment loops for your straps. This means that rather than adjusting the length with the buckle you can quickly remove the handles and foot cradles to whatever height you wish by using the carabiner.

To make things even better, you can have the option of buying extra handles so for super quick workouts. You can place foot cradles at the bottom for core work etc while simultaneously leaving an extra set of handles for bicep curls.

The Human Trainer Review
The Human Trainer with other upgrade options

For portability, an added benefit we discovered is that the door attachment is in built into the straps themselves. This means you won’t be bringing an extra attachment for outdoor/tree workouts. You will also find this another quick feature.

The handles are high-quality rubber with a plastic inner. We noted they have a thickness of around an inch, making it very comfortable.

The foot cradles are fantastic and have a comfortable overlay of rubber tubing over it. Unlike cheaper quality suspension trainers, you will not be in an awkward position trying to get your feet into the straps. The foot cradles are naturally open.

Human Trainer Review
Human Trainer Straps

Step back because we have to say the book is fantastic and could easily be sold separately. It’s thick and is essentially a complete dictionary on suspension training.
The DVD also provides some comprehensive workouts (but we really have to say – the book is what stands out).

Human Trainer


  • Quality
    The human trainer has excellent strap and carabiner quality, equal only to the TRX
  • Quick Set-up
    The Human Trainer offers extra loops for quick changing unlike any other.
  • DVD
    A good, solid DVD, featuring some good workouts.
  • The Book
    The book is fantastic and could rival many of the suspension training books available on Amazon
  • Portability
    The Human Trainer is super portable and can fit in your backpack very easily. The in built door anchor will also lighten you load.
  • Customer Support
    The Human Trainer has very good support.
  • Two-year warranty
    The Human Trainer includes a 2-year warranty for defects.
  • Worldwide shipping
    Item ships Worldwide from Amazon


  • Price

This is a high-quality suspension trainer. Expect to pay more than some of the cheaper and lower quality systems.

  • Money Back Guarantee

The Human Trainer does not have the same money back guarantee as the TRX. It comes in as 90 days. Considering the quality of the product we think backing the same money back guarantee as TRX would have been a good option. Nevertheless, 90 days is plenty of time to discover if The Human Trainer is right for you.

The Human Trainer Review Summary

The Human Trainer offers so many customization and upgrade options it really is the only big challenge to the TRX in terms of quality. Out of all the upgrades, we were particularly impressed by the option of using Olympic Rings as an upgrade.

The Human Trainer is a brand that really considered how to be different from its competitors. The quality is excellent and their research and development have really paid off.

If you are considering taking your suspension training to the next level, the Human Trainer will offer optional add ons that will keep you training. You can tell from our own The Human Trainer Review photos, that the product is really something else.