TRX Bicep Exercises – Suspension Trainer Workouts

trx bicep exercises and curls

Biceps are one of the most popular exercise groups for people to target. The truth is, muscular arms are one of the best things you can do to make you look fit. During day to day interactions, the arms one of the body parts we see and show the most. That’s why the best suspension trainer created a list of the best TRX bicep exercises. These workouts go way beyond the standard bicep curl.

You will be happy to know, these exercises can be performed on your suspension trainer or TRX.

TRX Training Back and Biceps Workout

A complete back and bicep workout with coach Sim. These videos are timed so they’ll take you through a very efficient 20 minute workout.

TRX Sculpted Arms – Shortcircuits with Marsha

This is a good follow along workout which takes you through multiple arm workouts. There is also good involvement with other areas of the body such as the core, shoulders and back.

30 Minute TRX Arm Workout CORE Strong – CORE Strong Fitness

A solid 30 minute workout with a personal trainer and client. This workout gives fantastic guidance on form for beginners.

 Top 5 TRX Exercises for Arms – BodyFit By Amy

A quick rundown on some of the best exercises for your arms.

TRX Workout to Tone Your Arms in a 15 Minute Workout – BodyFit By Amy

A good follow along exercise routine. Amy is very good at articulating correct form.

TRX Bicep Exercises – Optimum Health & Fitness

A quick outdoor guide on the high curl and the flex curl. We like how this workout is outside.