TRX Ceiling Mount and other alternatives

TRX Ceiling Mount in white

The TRX ceiling mount is something I recommend to people who are considering taking their to a workout to somewhere else other than a door or a tree. Many people quickly realize they want a permanent and strong fixture for their TRX or suspension trainer. For this purpose a TRX X Mount is a good consideration.

TRX X Mount

The benefit of the X Mount is the ability it has to open up the space you workout in.

One thing you may notice when you see TRX straps at professional gyms is that the TRX suspension trainer is always quite high up and generally in an open place.

By using a TRX Xmount you can open up your workout space to easier possibilities, particularly if you are squeamish about door anchors.

Can I use it on walls?

The TRX Xmount can be used on ceilings and walls without issue.

It really gets down to what is available in your living or gym space. The X-mount can be used on normal surfaces that appear within your home such as wood, brick, concrete – etc.

Any of the suspension trainers we recommend on the site are compatible with the X-mount provided they do not already have there own bracket system (such as the GoFit Gravity Bar.)


The TRX X Mount is the cheapest piece of hardware you can get for the TRX.

It comes in Metallic Silver or White and is easy to install in most surfaces.

The mount is durable and strong and includes a simple 4.5″ diameter plate made of steel that makes solid anchoring point for all TRX Training products and will fit all other suspension trainer with a strap or carabiner connection.

TRX X Mount Installation Guide.

Click here if you would like to access the TRX Xmount Installation Guide.

TRX Ceiling Mount Alternatives

There are many alternative TRX mounts out there. Here are some specs and alternatives for those on a budget. If you do choose one of these options ensure the screws are strong and consider upgrading them from your local hardware store.

TRX X mountTRX Xmount$$$
AbrafitAbraFit Wall/ Ceiling Mount $$
CrexCore mount best suspension trainerCoreX CoreMount $$
GYM stuff silver door anchor best suspension trainerGYMSTUFF Custom Anchor Wall Mount Bracket$$
Silver suspension anchor best suspension trainerPR'd It! Mounting Bracket for Suspension Straps$$
silver anchor trx alternativeTHREE Bullworker Forged Steel Fitness Anchor Wall$$
Galvanised hookFitness Health Galvanised Wall Ceiling Mount Ring$