8 Yoga Studious That Should Be On Your Bucket List


Yoga is particularly appealing for people who use suspension trainers.

The commonalities between both of these practices should come as no surprise.
Yoga can give you the opportunity to:

  • Workout inside or outside
  • Stretch and reduce injuries
  • Improve athletic performance.

However, unlike Suspension Training – Yoga is an ancient practice with a history extending back thousands of years from villages in India.

Yoga can help achieve a positive view on life and create inner peace and serenity.

There are many places to start Yoga, but we wanted to note a few places you should visit before you finish.

Here is our list of the of 8 Yoga Studios that should be on your bucket list.

Prajna Yoga

panya yoga

Prajna Yoga is located in the sublime higher deserts in northern New Mexico. The desert is a place of renewal and provides a meditative experience unlike any other. There is an extensive history Native American history in this area. The combination of clear blue skies and unreal mountain vistas makes the Prajna Temple the ideal pilgrimage for your heart and spirit. Not to be missed.

The handcrafted temple implements and ecological and sustainable practices. The building features solar power and a rainwater catchment system. The outside is constructed from clay and straw, the outside is complemented by earth plastering.

Expect Prajna to be a fusion of traditional American and Japanese styles. Amazingly, they make it work.

Core Power Yoga

Corepower yogaCore Power is a state of the art Yoga Studio in Boston, or should we stay ‘studios’ since they now have four places you can visit in Massachusetts.

Core Power gives everything a Yoga nut could hope for in a sleek urban setting. Core power is a convenient place to get the mental clarity you need to clear your head.

Expect some of these features:

  • Climate-controlled studios have from one to four practice rooms
  • Spa-inspired changing rooms, showers, lockers and vanity areas
  • Retail boutique featuring activewear and lifestyle accessories
  • Green design, conscientious construction, water, and energy efficient infrastructure.

Living Yoga

living yoga

We have a great deal of respect for Living Yoga. This organization was founded in 1998 and brings the study and practice of yoga to kids, youth, and adults in correctional facilities, drug treatment centers, and behavioral/mental health facilities.
They currently run 30 weekly classes at 20 institutions and reach a phenomenal 3100 students over the course of the year.
You can donate to them here https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/LivingYoga/Donations.html
The movement has a great deal of support from the local community and you can actually enjoy free or donation based yoga classes on their website.

Scarsdale Park Yoga Studio.

icon-Bikram-Scarsdale-logoScarsdale Park has a good reputation and offers excellent guidance. This is an organization that offers nice clean surroundings with a solid attitude to service and Yoga education. Definitely a studio you don’t want to miss if you are in the area. Something all suspension training users will enjoy are the HIIT classes that are also on offer.

Peace Through Yoga

peace_through_yoga_logomedPeace through Yoga has become a vibrant center for personal growth and exploration. The teachers at Peace through Yoga are able to guide students who seek peace with excellent tuition from credentialed teachers towards real life goals.

The owner, Mindi, initially used Yoga to improve her sports performance. Overtime she realized the full potential of yoga and became committed to using yoga to promoting self-acceptance.

This is a studio that focuses just as much on the mental aspects of yoga as the physical elements.

Yobaba Lounge

yobabaThis one isn’t in the USA however we wanted to provide a European Option for those who are overseas.

Yobaba uses yoga as on of a variety of relaxation and meditation methods in their retreats. They also have several retreat spots available for this year. We would definitely consider buying a flight.

The retreat is located in Chalabre, a medieval village in the foothills of the mediterranean Pyrenees in the very south of France. This is a simply stunning region with amazing views and an extraordinary history.

Yobaba is run by Gertrud who is a retired international fencing athlete with skills extending from massage therapy to a mindfulness practice called Embodied Meditation, which she teaches herself. The practice incorporates use of Ujjayi breath, mindful movement, and uses sound and visualisations to facilitate a deep state of meditation and awareness of inner space.

Louisville Yoga Junction

louisville_yoga_junction_logo_smallLouisville Yoga Junction is a studio with a core concept which emerged from the original meaning of the word ‘Yoga’ which is ‘Union’.

The owner, Melissa Williams, has an awesome range of classes aimed for a broad range of skills levels. The community is friendly, open and the teachers are experienced.

They also offer a Friday Night Happy Yoga for $5. So if you are in Louisville, makes sure you don’t miss them.

Formentera Yoga

Formenterayoga_2013333Formentera Yoga is on a beautiful island 11 miles south of Ibiza. This is a laid back studio which can provide you the yoga retreat you may be after. Formentera is a place that is particularly good for those who are looking for a boost in nutrition and building up their energy.

Expect a relaxed and reviving yoga experience here. The island features the best of a healthy holiday experience without the hustle of some of the bigger more touristy islands.

You may also be excited by the kombucha and other nutritional treats that will help you get fit, healthy and centered for your return back to a more urban existence.

The yoga classes are very social and the teachers are unreal. Let’s also not forget the snorkeling opportunities.